App marketing, or mobile application marketing, is a means through which you use different communication channels and strategies to distribute your app, in order to promote it and get downloads from your target audience. Also, to build the loyalty of those who have already downloaded it.

It should be noted that this is different from mobile marketing. Since this is used to launch advertising for any product or service, not just for applications, but also for mobile phones.

Before knowing the 5 types of app marketing campaigns to promote your mobile application (+ Bonus).. It is important that you have considered from the beginning of the app’s development, a series of dissemination strategies, and to have an advertising plan, with your target defined, market, objectives and so on. If not, do it now.

App_marketing_promocionThe large volume of applications that are found within the Stores is well known, however, you can position your apps well by making a good ASO strategy.

However, if you feel that the ASO is not enough or you want to reach your target audience directly, without waiting for them to find your application first, Here are 5 types of campaigns that you can apply, all or just some, to launch your mobile application. All this, though, according to the objectives set in your marketing plan.

  1. Mobile marketing or RTB advertising

Real Time Bidding(RTB) advertising is the scheduled advertising where collaborative ad delivery networks are selected. Which function reciprocally; you promote your app in other applications and they in yours.

For example: Tappx. Although it also serves to monetize, in this case it is focused on promotion.

  1. Collaborative promotion

The purpose of this type of campaign is to appear in different specialized media, both apps, mobile phones, with the same theme. This will allow you to reach a greater number of users or customers.

It is a progressive strategy, where you will be able to appreciate the results in the long term. To do this, you must collaborate on different websites or blogs, through press releases, articles, link exchange, etc. always talking about the theme, benefits and uses of your application. For example:

Remember to select the media that best fits your app.

  1. Digital Presence: web, blog or landing page

You can approach this in different ways. On the one hand, if you have a website or blog, where you provide users with relevant information about the app, as well as a contact site. If you don’t have this, and you choose this option, then you need to create your website or blog.

Also, if you want to create a landing page for the application. You can do this from the launch or before the publication of the app. Get emails from future users and send them a notification when it is available in the app market.

  1. Social networks: RRSS

This type of campaign can be led in one of two directions:

  • Unidirectional: where you will publish in your different networks, as long as there is your target, the link either directly to the application market or to your web, blog or landing page. Remember to create hashtags and shortened links for better usability and best practices.
  • Ads or advertising: here you will have a budget for your app to appear in the different networks; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Adwords Display, among others.App_marketing_promocion_móvil

Similarly, it creates groups in the RRSS for the application, where all users participate and create a community. Of course, this will take a little of your time, as you will have to moderate them for the group to accomplish your desired goal. Create promotions and showcase all your applications. In the case that you don’t have this valuable time, get a third party to take over (e.g. a community manager or similar).

Relax! Don’t despair. You can start and when the community grows and you have a larger budget, hire a third party.

  1. Videos

Create a video promoting your application. Remember to be entertaining, persuasive and personal or as concise as possible. Use storytelling or the art of storytelling. But create a story that identifies with your audience.

Bonus: The extra part!

However, you can also apply the following types of app marketing campaigns and get not only promotion but visibility as well.

  1. Ask users or customers for advice or suggestions. They will feel valued in the creation or improvement of the app. You can use different media such as the Facebook groups mentioned above, or forms sent via email or the RRSS. Remember to adjust everything according to the criteria of the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD).
  2. Discounts: if your app is a paid app, you can offer a discount, for example 45% or 70% or a reduced price such as 1.99 €. Remember that the numbers used in audio visual media can help to simplify the understanding of the message you are communicating. Also, if you use neuro-sales figures like “99 or 95”, you will get a better reaction from buyers.

In short, the development of a mobile application requires many factors and one of them is marketing. Therefore, it is important that you take this into account from the first moment you decide to develop your application.

Choose the campaign that best suits your objectives and reaches your audience. There is no point in having a promotion on LinkedIn if your client is not on that social network. Try several.

Very soon we will be dealing with app marketing campaigns on Google Adwords, better known as universal application campaigns.

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