Really with the title of this post, little more remains to be said, not least what the mobile world means within the online world, and therefore what it means in our lives.

Therefore, in this article, instead of mentioning very specific aspects of ASO or App Marketing, I will highlight some market data already published by other sources, but also provide more information by linking some data.

In April 2016, Google searches from mobile devices exceeded searches on Google from laptops or desktop computers. Something was beginning to shift.

According to a recent publication on the StabCounter statistics portal, last March, the Android operating system dethroned Windows as king of the operating system most used to access the internet. Thus, Google surpasses Microsoft with a share of 37.93% of internet uses, compared to 37.91%. They are followed, from a way behind, by iOS (13.09%) and Mac computers (5.17%), both from Apple.


There are many who are referring to this as the end of an era and even as a milestone in the history of technology. Of course, that is like saying a few sentences make a change in a whole rule. We are still immersed in a technological revolution in which mobile devices are at the forefront and, with that, the Apps market.

In a Sensor Tower article that discusses Top Apps for the first quarter of 2017, we can see how:


The profits generated by Apps worldwide, let me take the opportunity to comment, we know that the world of Apps is divided into two large blocks, Apps and Games, though games obviously are Apps, but due to the large volume involved in today’s market, this distinction is made,that is to say, not including games, have increased 55% this year compared to the first quarter of 2016. And analyzing by market, we see how the increase has been 55% for IOS And 101% for Android. Or in the same way, by this time last year, IOS made four times the profits of Android Apps without including games, and this year, it doubles it. This is comparable for the global market including games, or any category of specific Apps.

The Apps market has not stopped growing to its full extent and within it, Android does this at a greater pace than IOS nowadays.

As for economic profits IOS is still above Android, however, in the market figures regarding number of Apps and downloads of them, among other things, is not so, as it has been for years. For example, here you can see the number of downloads in both Apps markets in the first quarter of 2017 without counting games and, in addition, in what percentage they increase.


Android, or rather Google, has bitten Microsoft as the most used operating system, and IOS or Apple, as the most growing market in recent times.

In the following graph we can see the different market shares of the big applications markets, Android, IOS and Windows Phone in different countries.


Note: EU5 includes UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

We see that, regardless of points of growth or decrease, Android surpasses IOS growth.