ASO Consultancy and App Marketing

In addition, ASOApp works with cilents with its Integral Strategy for Mobile Business.


Business Development

Mobile market knowledge

Complete study of the product and its position in the market:

  • Niche and market analysis.
  • Analysis and recommendations directed at the objective of the App
  • Analysis of competition.

Strategy and Aim

Various purposes. Monetization.

Complete study of business options:

  • Analysis of learning curve.
  • Combining objective with user experience.
  • Defined and valid purpose. Monetization.

ASO. App Store Optimization.

Developing organic user acquisition

Through the main mobile application markets thanks to a series of techniques, including:

  • ASO On-Page: Keywords, creativity and design.
  • ASO Off-Page.
  • App Indexing. Google Search.

App Marketing

Developing non-organic user acquisition

Through any method besides the app markets themsleves. Amongst the most common, we find:

  • Google Ads and Apple Search Ads.
  • Social Ads.
  • Network. Other platforms CPI.

The key to success is based on the analytical ability to understand the Mobile market as a whole.


Metrics and Analytics

Use of tracking tools

Combined with the knowledge that metrics are fundamental, means they are the base of any marketing strategy. To use this, one must know:

  • Consoles and tools.
  • Metrics and generic market values.
  • Metrics and specific values.
  • Impact of metrics.


Developing Customer Care

In order to have satisfied users, who keep the App/s installed and use it frequently, thanks to the optimization of:

  • Retention.
  • Recurrence.
  • Customer support.
  • Customer satisfaction.


Joint actions

Sometimes it is not only enough to focus efforts on the own and direct acquisition of users for a specific App, but it is also important:

  • Management of attractive brand content.
  • Creation of private network of Apps.
  • Work with other products such as websites or social networks.

In-Company Training

Learn to analyse and manage

ASOApp works with most clients in training of these areas through:

  • Face-to-face sessions, videoconferences or personalized video tutorials.
  • Deliver action guides to be carried out with specific deadlines and objectives.
  • Provide support and maintenance of work within established timescales.