How to Promote Your App FREE Writing Useful Content

Author: Evelin Ríos

We must be aware that, nowadays, with the super-saturation of mobile applications that exist in the main stores, with the cleaning that they carry out from time to time, to promote an app for free or, even, occasionally use some platform of Payment to obtain downloads and installations is practically obligatory.

For this reason, we are continuing with our series of articles that compiles the best free strategies to drive traffic or legitimate visits to our apps.

The strategies in this article are based on the principle of reciprocity. People are grateful by nature, we know how to value the effort of someone who gives their time and dedication to help us with a specific problem and we feel indebted for it.

Next, we will show you three free ways with which you can bring legitimate users to your apps by helping other people.


Cómo Promocionar GRATIS Tu App Escribiendo Contenido Útil 1

Quorais a very popular question and answer website, and receives millions of visits every day from people looking for solutions.

Surely, some of those questions are related to something your app does, and you can get these people to go to your app page by answering their questions and mentioning your app.

Important: The goal is to provide value at the same time as mentioning your app, so you should only answer questions that you really know enough about, and not in a way that shows that you are just promoting your app.

How should you answer questions on Quora?

  • Find 10-15 relevant questions and then start answering them.
  • Always answer the question and do not try to advertise your app directly, as this is not the place for it.
  • Mention your application where it makes sense. And when you do, make it clear that it is associated with the help provided.
  • Avoid answering questions that have too many answers, as your visibility will be limited
  • Answer a few new questions every week so you have a better chance of driving traffic to your apps. You can discover new questions by subscribing to other related topics.
  • Your competitors can answer the same questions as you. There isn’t much you can do about it, just make sure your answers are always better.


Cómo Promocionar GRATIS Tu App Escribiendo Contenido Útil 2

There are countless websites where people gather around the same topic. Forums, subreddits (topics within and Facebook groups give people the opportunity to talk about a shared interest and are a great place to find new tools and applications.

What you should do is find communities relevant to your app, join them and find publications or threads in which you can participate and contribute.

When you do, always make sure your app is linked in your signature or mentioned in your profile. If your application is a solution to someone’s question, inform them and tell them clearly that it is yours.

What you should not do is create new threads that only announce your application. Most users and communities will not like it, and some will ban it.

How to find groups and forums?

You shouldn’t limit yourself to only Reddit and Facebook groups. There will surely be other interesting forums that are related to the niche of your app. You just have to do a simple Google search as “your niche + forum” and you will have hundreds of options at your disposal.

For example. If your app is about dogs, you can search for “dogs + forums”, and you will get dozens of forums specifically about dogs:

Cómo Promocionar GRATIS Tu App Escribiendo Contenido Útil 3

Bear in mind that no forum tolerates spam. You just have to register as any other user, link your application to your signature and start adding value. Once you gain some notoriety, you can start talking to your group about your app.

When you become an authority in your niche, users will want to see more about you and your applications, and will feel more comfortable clicking on those links.


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Another excellent way to expose your application is to share, through guides and tutorials, the knowledge you have related to what your application does.

You probably already know the difficulties users of your application have, or those who would be looking for a solution like the one offered by your app. What you should do is write a guide or tutorial that explains that.

For example: If your application is a guitar tuner, you can create a step-by-step guide on how to tune a guitar, or a guide on tunings used in popular songs.

If your app is about dogs, you can write something like “how to make your dog understand and obey you”.

You just have to describe how to use the application in that process and show screenshots.

Important: Make sure that the content you create is of quality that is really useful for your users.

Once the content is created, you should promote it on popular sites.

Here are some ways to promote your guide or tutorial:

  • Write in popular communities like
  • Post the guide on relevant social networks and forums.
  • Share it with your current users so that they can share it with their friends and followers.
  • Use a content sharing service like Quuu Promote.
  • Apply SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to the guide, so you can rank on the search engines.

If your content is perennial, which means that it will not quickly become obsolete and can be used at any time, it will allow you to promote it again and again, with the advantages that this implies.


The strategies we have seen work very well, but require a little effort, time and patience.

Remember that you are addressing real people who need genuine and practical help. Help them as you would like them to help you if you were in a similar situation.

If you take these tips into account, we are sure that you will start to see positive results very soon.

Don’t forget to take a look at the other strategies in this series, they are very interesting and you will definitely identify with more than one of them.